What Rough Beast, its Hour Come Round at Last? 

Single-channel video, 01’’21’, 2018

What Rough Beast, Its Hour Come Round at Last?  explores the intersections of reality and fiction as well as the objectivity and subjectivity of intimate relationships. Petersen works to question the narrative presented in ‘The Chocolate Cream Killer’, a case from the 1980’s Brighton, where Christina Edmunds allegedly went on a poisoning spree lacing cream chocolates with poison, when her lover, the married Dr Beard, refused her love. The documented rumours, from the timepiece together the story that the two had exchanged several love letters during their affair.

The sound piece of the film is a reading of a love letter the artist found by the Thames River, half of which was burned, forever taking its contents with it. Two voices narrate what is left of the letter. As in the case of Christina Edmunds and Dr Beard, the true extent of their feelings will never be known, nor the true nature of the events that follow. What remains is speculation; an uncertain jumble of the physical and emotional, body parts and traumas.

video still

found letter

video still