And, I Will Breathe Through You (Chapter 1)

And I will Breathe Through You (Chapter 1) is a love spell to marginalised genders and to the Earth. The piece challenges the trope of the ‘Witch’, using the Slavic figure Baba Yaga as a backdrop to explore the connection between gender-based violence and violence against nature which has led to the current ecological crisis.

The text draws on conversations with women in my family about gendered violence, resistance to gender norms, and conventional lifestyles. It uses spells as a form for writing about what’s beyond us, as a way of resistance and using imagination to imagine different realities from the one(s) we live in.

Linguistic registers of the multilingual brain and Slavic phonetics come under scrutiny through the whispering sounds which relate to the practicing “whispering witches” in Eastern Poland which reference is a celebration of my matrilineal legacy.

Watch the trailer below, or email me to watch the whole piece.

2022 (WIP), Single-channel video, 04’’49